A Cancer Survivor’s Calling


 cancer survivor

“I know what my calling is,” Brenda said. She is a cancer survivor, alive today, she told me, because three women had carried her on their prayers from fear and death to healing and life. She went on . . .

I’ll give you an example.

I went for a scan, and I’m so anxious. They tell you to take off your top and ‘put on one of these gowns.’ I sit in this room with four other women, and it’s quiet. We’re all nervous. Then I look across the room and I see a woman with her head in her hands, shaking. I look at the other women, but no one is moving.

So I get up, go across the room and I sit down next to her. I say, “Are you all right?” She shakes her head slightly. She is crying.

So I say, “Would you like a hug?” And mind you, I don’t know this woman from Adam. She nods, so I put my arms around her and just hold her for a time.

Then I showed her the picture of my son that I carry with me for strength and courage. And I showed her my 500 dollar winning lottery ticket that I carry for good luck and she laughed. Just—you know—to take her mind off it.

Three women did that for me, and I look for people that I can help. That’s my calling.

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