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Losing Your Faith, Finding Your Soul

Losing Your Faith, Finding Your Soul is for those of us who have come to the end of traditional beliefs and wonder if we have reached the end of faith as well. It is for the day when assumptions about God and the religious teachings we trusted in the past no longer apply to life. When your old beliefs die, is it possible to hold onto faith?

David Robert Anderson answers this question with a resounding yes. With Anderson as friend and guide, we discover that what once seemed an ending is actually a promising beginning—an invitation into a more authentic, and very different, spiritual experience.

If you are interested in finding out more in the book, then please feel free to take a look inside. The first chapter of Losing Your Faith, Finding Your Soul is available for download here on the site.

Losing Your Faith, Finding Your Soul (Chapter 1)

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Breakfast Epiphanies: Finding Wonder in the Everyday

In Breakfast Epiphanies: Finding Wonder in the Everyday, David Anderson offers forty-one true-life tales that will enlighten and inspire readers of any faith. Writing about his everyday experiences-like cleaning up the yard after a storm, waiting in the doctor’s office, even helping his teenage daughters pick out fall dresses-Anderson explores how the divine can surprise us in even the most ordinary settings.

Breakfast Epiphanies is a collection of tales, really–humble, gentle tales of routine and even mundane activities culled from ordinary life. They allow Anderson to comment on mysteries large and small, whether a story’s particular occasion be reluctantly taking his teenage daughters shopping for dresses or lamenting the loss of his mother and the huge void her absence has left in his family. Regardless of the occasion, Anderson serves it up with good humor and deep human sympathy. Readers of almost every persuasion should enjoy Anderson’s affable company.  June Sawyers, Booklist.